e-PROSCeSS tool and its development

The e-PROSCeSS tool is the first tool to measure the health promotion perceptions within sports clubs. This tool was developed through a collaboration between Santé publique France, The Université Côte d’Azur and the Université of Lorraine. It is founded in the theoretical model of the Health Promoting Sports Club and by the scientific working group Sport Clubs for Health (SCforH) of the HEPA Europe network.

This tool was developed to enable grassroots clubs to gain knowledge about their organizations, which allows them to evolve. Using the PROSCeSS tool will provide a snapshot of your club’s health promotion activities and offers ideas to managers, coaches and sports participants to take action.

The user’s guide allows managers, researchers, coaches, sports educators and sports participants to be guided in the evaluation of health promotion within their sports club with the aid of the e-PROSCeSS measurement tool. This tool and the accompanying guide are designed for actors within the sports club but, also, for external partners who wish to support an initiative of one or more sports clubs.