Stages of HPSC

To illustrate the evolution from passive to active settings, work has been undertaken to show the application of the stage of the settings based approach (Whitelaw et al., 2001) to sports clubs, as well as to sports federations.

Table 1 – Stages to become a health promoting sports club

Stage HPSC application Example of actions
Null Sport offer Traditional athletic training
Passive Model Health enhancing physical activity offer Sport clubs providing safe and secure training, aware of health benefits of sport
Active Model Sport clubs for health A sports clubs promoting the benefits of sport and taking care of training quality
Transmissive model Health Promotion in sports clubs Sporadic events or activities at sports clubs (healthy eating day, inclusion day…)
Organic model Sport Clubs based health promotion Dedicated program developed through sports clubs to enhance health: move for life, smoke free program
Comprehensive approach Health Promoting Sports Clubs Health in all policies, decision-making process and vision, beyond sport offer and dedicated program implementation

Table 2 – Stage to become a health promoting sports federation

Stage Core perspective Definition Action of national sports federation
Null No communication on legal requirements related to health/reducing health risks.
Passive stage The problem and solution rest within the behaviour and actions of individuals Safe sport offer fostered by sports federations Promoting safe and secure sport activities (legal requirements to protect sports participants: doping, warming up…). Sports clubs may independently undertake initiatives in HP.
Active stage The problem lies within the behaviour of individuals, some solutions lie in the setting Sports federations promoting health Promoting health benefits of sport for sports clubs and participants and signposting HP activities to sports clubs, but not actively engaging in HP programs.
Transmissive stage The problem lies within the setting, the solutions lie in learning from individually-based projects Health Promotion in Sports Federations Sporadic HP events organised by the sports federation (event day), on a single health behaviour or topic; Encouragement from sports federation to sports clubs to deliver club-based HP activities.
Organic stage The problem lies within the setting, the solutions lie in the actions of individuals Sports Federation Health Promotion programs Dedicated programs developed by the sports federation to enhance sports club activities around health promotion. The sports federation is actively involved in becoming a platform for sports clubs and external partners to meet for HP
Comprehensive approach stage The problem and solutions lie in the setting Health Promoting Sports Federation HP is integrated in the vision, values, activities and training courses of the sports federation. Health is considered in the organisational structure and decision-making processes at all levels of the sports federation. The sports federation invests ongoing resources in HP in the long-term, to promote health beyond health topics. The sports federation collaborates with external partners on HP. The sports federation’s policies are based on monitoring and evaluating previous activities.