The HPSC ambassadors

The HPSC ambassadors are researchers who have been working on HPSC since a decade and are pleased to share their findings if you want to contact them.

Jan Seghers

Jan Seghers receives his PhD in Physical Education in 2003 from the KU Leuven (Belgium) and currently holds the position of Full Professor at the Physical Activity, Sports & Health Research Group within the Department of Movement Sciences at the KU Leuven. He is the current chair of the Department of Movement Sciences and established an international reputation in the area of health-related physical activity promotion. Jan Seghers is occupied with a research, educational, and consultancy task within the scientific fields of sport pedagogy, physical activity epidemiology and physical activity promotion. His research interests are in the area of behavioural aspects of physical activity, sedentary behaviours and health; and the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles in different settings (schools, sport clubs, community) and populations. He has research collaborations with Universities across Europe and is actively involved in the European network for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA Europe).

Linda Ooms

In 2007, Dr. Linda Ooms got her university degree in Biomedical Sciences, with the specialization Human Movement Sciences, at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In her doctoral study at the Utrecht University, she focused on the role of the organized sports setting in physical activity promotion among inactive people (PhD obtained in 2020). Linda currently works as a researcher at the Mulier Institute in Utrecht, The Netherlands. She conducts different research projects in her specialization ‘sport, physical activity and health’ with a specific focus on the theoretical groundwork and evaluation of sport and physical activity interventions, health promotion within sports clubs and the mental effects of sport and physical activity participation. Next to her work as a researcher, she is general board member recreational sports of the Dutch boxing federation. In her free time, she is an active boxer and runner and guides other athletes in these sports.

Susanna Geidne

Susanna Geidne is a Senior Lecturer in Sport Science and an Associate professor in Public Health with focus on Health promotion at the Division of Sport Science at Örebro University. She focuses on practice-based health promotion research with sports (in a broad sense) as an arena. This includes methodologically diverse research related to settings-based health promotion. She has done research within health promoting sports clubs (HPSC) based on different starting points, levels and target groups since around 2010. The research is often conducted in cooperation with public health, NGO:s, schools, sports federations and sports clubs. She is co-leading the international HPSC-network (organized under WHO HEPA Europe). She is member of the steering group in the Swedish research school SMOVE (Sustainable Movement Education) as well as supervisor for PhD-student s in this project. She is part of the research team ReSHaPE (Research in Sport, Health and Physical Education) at Örebro University.

Aurélie Van Hoye

Aurélie Van Hoye is a Research Fellow at the University of Limerick, granted by a Marie Curie Fellowship on the development of a tool to support sports clubs’ creation and implementation of health promotion policies. She is also Associate Professor at University of Lorraine, member of the Public Health Laboratory APEMAC. Her research interests are focusing on supporting coaches and PE teacher in their role, especially regarding their health promotion activities and motivational climate, as well as more indirectly through the study of health enhancing physical activity policies. She has worked on the evaluation of the impact and implementation of the PAPA project ( in France. This project aimed at enhancing youth sport experience trough an educational training on an empowering motivational climate of their grassroots coaches. She participated to the EPHEPA project (, being responsible of the data collection of national physical activity policies in Belgium. Furthermore, her actual work is centered on the development of an intervention for sport clubs to become health promoting setting, from intervention mapping to intervention implementation and evaluation (PROSCeSS project; She is also leader, with Susanna Geidne, of the Promoting Health and Physical Activity in Sports Clubs working group of the Health Enhancing Physical Activity network of the WHO Europe. Finally, she works on the evaluation of physical activity interventions, especially on the implementation process evaluation using mixed methods.